0:02Skip to 0 minutes and 2 secondsIn a technical engineering report you will find a number of standard sections that are each designed to do a certain job and relay specific types of information to the reader. Putting the correct information in the appropriate sections makes it easy for the writer to ensure they have included everything required and that the order makes sense.

It also makes it easy for the reader, who is expecting the report to follow this format, to find the content they're looking for.

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0:38Skip to 0 minutes and 38 secondsIt should be a few words that describe the content of the document, which would typically involve the aim of what is trying to be achieved. An abstract, sometimes called a summary or an executive summary, is the first section to appear after the title, and is a succinct review of all the important information included in the report.

The purpose of an abstract is for a reader to determine if they would like to read the report in more detail or to move on if it isn't exactly what they're looking for In May 2014, the HTA completed its first cycle of site visit inspections for all establishments licensed in the anatomy sector. This summary report collates the .

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It might include how the work fits into the wider world, how it adds to the current understanding of the field of study, and what you hope to achieve as aims and objectives. If required, a technical report may contain a theory section, which provides a reader with the necessary technical background to appreciate the work that is presented in the report. If it's critical that the reader understands a particular concept in order to understand your work, then a theory section is the place to describe it.

1:46Skip to 1 minute and 46 secondsThe procedure section describes the methods or equipment used to achieve the outcomes of the work.

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The results section presents an impartial record of the outcomes of the work, describing what the results are and what facts or understanding can clearly be extracted from them Business reports can be difficult to understand, especially when the report is poorly organized an illogical. If the report is sectioned Get Started Now!.

Data should be processed to convey the main findings of the work rather than the details of every result. The discussion is perhaps the most important section of a technical engineering report.

2:22Skip to 2 minutes and 22 secondsIt is the opportunity for the writer to analyse results, express their opinions of the work, and provide an interpretation of the significance of the outcomes Purpose Digital report (DR), a new method for students' dissection report, has been introduced to replace the traditional method in the anatomy laboratory..

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A discussion can also include a description of the impact of the work and how it will make a change to the world, even if only in a small way. A conclusion is a short review of the results that have been deduced and the impact of the work. It answers questions posed in the introduction and states if aims and objectives have been met.

2:59Skip to 2 minutes and 59 secondsReaders will quite often skip to the conclusion section of a report to quickly determine what you found out and what it means to them.

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References are detailed lists of external resources that have been indicated and cited in the main body of the report that readers may want to track down. Supplementary information that may be of interest to the reader is stored in appendices.

These include any material that is worth the reader having access to, but not directly relevant to the main points raised in the report Clin Anat. 2007 Mar;20(2):215-21. Anatomy reports on the internet: a web-based tool for student reports on cadaveric findings. Grinspan ZM(1), Olson TR, .

3:37Skip to 3 minutes and 37 secondsThey are useful to ensure the body of the report isn't cluttered with large amounts of detail that could distract from the main points or confuse the reader.

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If structured properly, with the correct pieces of content appearing in the appropriate sections, the report should form a coherent document when brought together, with a narrative that guides the reader through the story of the work. The anatomy of a technical report Technical engineering reports are divided into manageable sections to aid comprehension of the material. In this video, Dr Andrew Garrard takes us through the key sections of a technical report and explains the content, style and presentation that each section requires.

Have you mastered this structure?Once you’ve watched the video, have a go at structuring a report for yourself in our drag and drop game.

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This works best on a laptop or desktop and may not work on mobiles and tablets EGL USA reports contain elements ranging from simple calendar dates to complex findings that can uniquely identify a stone. View the anatomy of a sample .

DiscussionWhat do you think the consequences could be of writing a technical engineering report without considering the standard conventions?© The University of Sheffield