Anatomy of an Analysis ReportAn analysis report will produce what is basically a cross tabulation (or cross tab) of selected transaction or job sheet information. Cross tabs are commonly used to collate data for decision making purposes.

When you create an analysis report you specify which is the source file.

When the analysis is done every transaction detail record (or job sheet item) in the nominated time interval that uses one of the selected source records is located Business reports can be difficult to understand, especially when the report is poorly organized an illogical. If the report is sectioned Get Started Now!.

count, quantity, net) from the detail or job sheet records is calculated and summarised.

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The source file is determined by what information is required.

Here we require sales information by product, so the source file is Products Technical engineering reports are divided into manageable sections to aid comprehension of the material. In this video, Dr Andrew Garrard takes us through the .

Choosing New Analysis from the New hierarchical menu in the File menu displays the New Analysis window in which the source and base files are selected.

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Clicking New displays the analysis definition window in which the details of the analysis are specified.

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Each analysis is based on a source file, which you specify when you create the analysis.

You also need to indicate the basis for the analysis, which can be either transaction detail lines or job sheet items Human Anatomy High Impact List of Articles PPts Journals 806. Case Report: Anatomy & Physiology: Current Research, 2017: 273. DOI: 10.4172/2161- .

To create an analysis report: Choose File>New>New Analysis The New Analysis window will be displayed.

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You will choose Transaction Details if you are preparing an analysis that is based on the information in the transaction file (for example, if you want anything to do with sales).

You will choose Job Sheet Items if you are preparing an analysis based on the items that have been entered in the Job Sheet Item file (for example, who has worked on what project, what resources were used in a specific project) Clin Anat. 2007 Mar;20(2):215-21. Anatomy reports on the internet: a web-based tool for student reports on cadaveric findings. Grinspan ZM(1), Olson TR, .

Choose the Source File for the Analysis The Source File determines how you specify what can be analysed.

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If you want to analyse sales for a particular range of products, the source file will be Product.