- Identify Irish Step Dance is a percussive style of dance that comes from traditional Irish dance. It has fast paced intricate foot work with a ridged upper body.

Riverdance is a performance of Irish Step Dancing that really got Irish Step Dancing recognized by the world. When, Where, Who, and How Irish Step Dancing originated around 1750 by dance masters from the counties Kerry, Cork, and Limerick. Dance masters created their own steps derived from traditional irish dances that were modified over time.

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Moreover, Abraimova was the choreographer and the instructor teaching this dance in this video, and it looks like she is teaching students from the ages of ten to fifteen 12 Sep 2017 - Writing sample of essay on a given topic Why I Love To Dance us to work hard and never give up, with frequent practice it will pay off. I love .

Her choreography is so unique, and it is such a coincidence I can relate to her originality. The reason why I feel like I can relate to her is because when she created her piece she based it off of dramatic movements while improvising.

When I am improvising it is typically because I just want to get away from everything else in the world and dance in my own creative zone where I am most comfortable Physical and mental effects, impact on adolescents, as well as the importance of movement therapy all play a major part in determining what dancing can do for .

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