Dance Essay Dance A series of set of movements to music, either alone or with a partner. Dancing is a way to express one's feeling and to get active.

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Cave paintings found in Spain and France dating from 30,000 -10,000 BC.

have vivid drawings of dancing figures in association with ritual illustrating the pesents of dance in early human society Physical and mental effects, impact on adolescents, as well as the importance of movement therapy all play a major part in determining what dancing can do for .

Many people around the world see life as a dance from the movements of the heavens and the turn of the seasons to the unique dance of every creature.

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In India These dances eventually evolved to include praise songs and myths that were enacted by trained dancers and actors. By the end of the 5th century BC, these dance dramas were part of entertainment and provided social and political commentary on the times.

Amongst the Romans, dance waxed and waned in acceptance by the powers that ruled.

Until 200 BC, dance brought life to Roman processions, festivals and celebrations 12 Sep 2017 - Writing sample of essay on a given topic Why I Love To Dance us to work hard and never give up, with frequent practice it will pay off. I love .

However, in 150 BC all of the dancing schools were closed as Roman nobility considered dance as suspicious and even dangerous activity of the masses.

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We make up dances according to our attitudes, beliefs, thoughts and feelings What do athletes need to have, all of those characteristics. When it comes to athletes, of any kind, dance can help with honing their skills. Something that most .

The future will also contain dances that will reflect that society. There is ballet, line dancing, slow dancing, the list goes on and on. Each dance representing a time, an event, an expression or feeling.