28-08-2011 11:28 Hey, I'm doing Astronomy GCSE and I need to do some observational coursework but I'm finding it difficult to complete or even understand some of the suggestions! Here is a link to what I can do: A lot of these are so dependent on weather or timing that I just can't seem to get a good time to even attempt most of them. I already know what I'm doing for the aided observation but really need to get this unaided done before I get back to school and have no time.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I'm beginning to panic a bit! 29-08-2011 17:21 I've done Astronomy GCSE last year and got an A A series of GCSE Astronomy coursework guides, created by the Royal as part of the coursework requirements and guidance on completing the required..

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What I did for my coursework is drew the moon at new moon, crescent moon, half moon, three quarter moon and full moon, then three quarter moon, half moon and crescent moon from a big detailed picture on the net. Each drawing was big and detailed on seperate pieces of A4 paper.

The I added dates and times that matched with the moon calender, and added weather conditions and my location.

Teacher resource: gcse astronomy coursework guides: a1 & b1

My second piece was a huge A2 diagram of the moon drawn on tracing paper, and I labelled apollo landings and names of all the different major crates, although you will need a big detailed and illustrated diagram of the moon and a lot of time to complete this. Most of my friends did the same, although some took many photographs of the moon instead of drawing it at different stages, and got similar marks.

The top two projects I mentioned are probably the easiest on selection.

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Teacher resource: gcse astronomy coursework: b12 measuring the

I can, and have already made, a sundial accurate to my area although I would probably make another bigger one for it. For the unaided I would like to do the shadow stick and I think I'm just being a bit dim.

Teacher resource: gcse astronomy coursework guides: a6 & b6

I really appreciate the answer, planetearth and it has really helped me in thinking how I can go about this. The girls at my school who did it last year didn't really talked to us about it and the example we have is not particularly helpful with most of the projects we have available.

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stick at it! 3 25-03-2014 18:02 I'm doing my astronomy GCSE and I'm stuck on what to do for my coursework. I only have 2 weeks to prepare it and I'm really worried.

here is the list of the observations I can pick from.

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Also no one in my school does it so I have no support or help. If anybody could recommend me what observations I could do and how to start doing them it will be very appreciated.